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Total Quartz Ineo Longlife 5W-30

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Total Quartz Ineo Longlife 5w-30, us good for your engine:

Total Quartz Ineo Longlife/5W-30 is it especially more modern for the requirements for Otto and diesel engines with post-connected waste gas systems develops, this one the issue values fulfil IV after euro.

Quartz Ineo Longlife/5 W30 are coordinated with the newest VW specifications 504 00-507 00 exactly total.
Quartz Ineo Longlife/5 W30 can be used total in almost all VW engines.
QUARTZ INEO of Long LIFE is suitable for every style of driving.
Long LIFE makes use possible QUARTZ INEO at prolonged maintenance intervals,
the cleanness of the engine offers protection against wear and ensures.
QUARTZ INEO of Long LIFE optimizes the performance of Abgaßnachbehandlungssystemen, special of particle filters.
VW 504 00-507 00
(cover: VW 501.01, 502 00, 503 01, 505 00, 5 05.01
as well as VW 503 00, 506 00 and 506.01 *)

* for engines as of model year 2007
MB 229.51
Porsche C30
ACEA A3/B4, C3

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