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Biomultis EP 2

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Rapidly biodegradable multipurpose EP grease
BIOMULTIS EP 2s recommend different operating conditions for a variety of applications,
but especially for high storage temperatures at which a conventional lithium grease is not sufficient.
It is a multi-purpose grease for the lubrication of all types of rolling and sliding bearings, sliding surfaces, universal joints, etc.
as well as for shock loaded or vibrating lubrication points in transport, agriculture, construction, etc ..
BIOMULTIS September 2 is particularly suitable for the lubrication loss in environmentally sensitive areas.
If relubrication contamination with dust and dirt should always be avoided.
International Specifications:
ISO 6743-9: L-2 XDDEB
DIN 51 502: KPE2N -35
The modern, sophisticated composition of BIOMULTIS EP 2s perform a wide range.
The wide-ranging capabilities allow a rationalization of property management and maintenance.
Meets the requirements of most car manufacturers. Forms a durable lubricating film against moisture,
Temperature fluctuations and dirt resistant.
Miscible with most fats based on other conventional soap.

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