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Fluidmatic DCT MV [Double Clutch Transmission Fluid]

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Double Clutch Transmission Fluid for cars
TOTAL FLUID AUTOMATIC DCT MV is an innovative dual-clutch gearbox oil, produced on the basis of high-quality
synthetic base oils and sophisticated additive technology. The product was designed specifically for use in
DCT dual clutch transmissions {} with a wet-running double clutch developed and can be used in many PKWMarken.
TOTAL FLUID AUTOMATIC DCT MV meets the requirements of the leading manufacturers of DCT as
- Borg Warner (installed in vehicles of the Volkswagen Group since 2003)
- Getrag (installed in BMW, MB, Mitsubishi, Ford, Renault, Volvo)
- IF (Porsche)
exceptional shear stability: TOTAL FLUID AUTOMATIC DCT MV provides a stable lubricating film of the high
Impact and pressure loads and withstand the long-lasting protection for all transmission component guaranteed.
- Stable friction control: Thanks to the sophisticated additive technology has TOTAL FLUID AUTOMATIC DCT MV enough potential
maintain an optimum friction behavior of Kupplungssytems permanently to maintain trouble-free power transmission
to ensure, within the prescribed oil change intervals.
- Excellent seal compatibility: The seal compatibility of TOTAL FLUID AUTOMATIC DCT MV was according to the strictest criteria
tested and found to be very good.
- Very good wear protection

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