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Autol Desolite B [Fuel additive]

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Highly effective system cleaner for the prevention of deposits in
Fuel and combustion systems of all ottomotors to achieve maximum performance.

Autol Desolite B is a water-based, multifunctional, synthetic system cleaner
For ottomotors of all engine systems and can meet all the petrol qualities,
Also in the case of the admixture of various alcohol fuels at the manufacturer's end.

The requirements of Mercedes-Benz in the M 102 E test (<20 mg deposits on the valves)
Are met with certainty.

Autol Desolite B effectively prevents the formation of combustion deposits and removes existing deposits,
So that the performance of the engine is maintained,
(Clean-up and clean-up performance).
In addition to the clean and clean-up performance, the additive package offers the following advantages:

• effective corrosion protection for the fuel system
• better inflow and reduction of filling losses by clean valves
• Lower engine oil load with blow-by gases due to better combustion
• Improvement of the exhaust gas values ​​and thus support for the catalytic converter function
• Maintaining the octane number of the motor

Possible applications:
Auto Desolite B should be used especially in vehicles with a high proportion of short-haul,
Or with multi-valve motors, since in this application spectrum the formation of deposits
Is particularly striking and has a very negative effect.

We recommend the use of the product in the mixing ratio 1: 100 for the first 3 - 5 tank fillings,
To remove existing deposits.
A mixing ratio of 1: 200 is sufficient to prevent new deposits.

Autol Desolite B does not produce any toxicologically hazardous substances during combustion in the indicated mixing ratios.

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