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Elf Moto 4 Road 10W-40 [motorcycle oil]

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Semi-synthetic 4-stroke engine oil Application:
We recommend our Elf Moto 4 Road for road and sport bikes, trail bikes and cross bikes with 4-Taktmotor.
With or without integrated gearbox, with or without Ölbadkupplung.
It is ideally suited for the demanding requirements in urban traffic and at Überlandfahrten.
Full compatible with catalyst systems and unleaded Kraftstoff. Ölwechselintervalle and the required viscosity should be selected according to the manufacturer's requirements clearances: (. license no M033T0L220) JASO MA 2 API SJIdeal for Clutchs the special additives ensures an appropriate adjustment of viscosity on temperature dieMotor what a very good lubrication of the engine at Kaltstartsund a stable oil film at high temperatures and good oxidation sorgt.Sehr Verschleißschutz.Beugt clutch slip before.
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