Dear Customers, Guests and Visitors,
We have here in our Online Store a wide range of high quality brand Lubricants for you.
With our high quality FUEL ECO Engine Oils, we offer Premium Quality,
thereby boost your Vehicle's performance and save Money.
Our extensive Product range of
Motors-u. Includes Gear Oils the entire Automotive Sector,
and also covers the divisions Construction,
Agriculture & Tractors from.
For our Bikers we have a wide variety of high-Performance Motor Oils
in each range of viscosity.
Large selection of
2Takt Oil and 4-stroke Oil for Motorcycles of all Kinds.
are complemented our Products of good quality
Marine Engine Oils some of which are biodegradable.
Especially for Sports-u. Recreational Boats.


Our advice

Total Isovoltine II [insulating]
147,53 USD
7,38 USD per Liter
Oil binder Typ III R
from 11,60 USD
1,16 USD per kg
Elf HTX909 (Racing 2Takt-Öl SAE 50)
25,11 USD
25,11 USD per Liter
Premium engine cleaner performance
7,80 USD
15,60 USD per Liter
fuel system cleaner
5,46 USD
21,84 USD per Liter
diesel system cleaner
5,59 USD
22,36 USD per Liter
Hochleistungs Dieselpartikelfilter-Reiniger Additiv
5,53 USD
22,12 USD per Liter
Elf HTX 740 (Racing Transmission oil 75W)
from 24,50 USD
24,50 USD per Liter
Premium valve & injector cleaner
5,46 USD
21,84 USD per Liter
Total Rubia TIR 9900/ SAE 10W-40 (Nutzfahrzeug u. Gasmotoren-Öl)
135,99 USD
6,80 USD per Liter
Premium Longlife 5W-30 (VW504-507, BMW LL-04, MB-229.51)
104,34 USD
5,22 USD per Liter


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Synergie Racing SAE 10W-60
Only 7,68 USD
7,68 USD per Liter
Total Finavestan [Medical white oil] 20 Ltr.
Only 87,67 USD
4,38 USD per Liter
Premium cooler sealing additive
Only 4,37 USD
17,48 USD per Liter